The first documented reports of mineral occurrences in Saskatchewan date back to the late 18th century, when explorers with Indigenous peoples documented the existence of mineralization.

By the later parts of the 19th century, commercial mining had taken hold. Today, Saskatchewan holds a rich and diverse mining sector; gold, potash, uranium, and base metal operations all dot the province. The mining industry has provided a foundation for prosperity, innovation, engineering, and achievement. Saskatchewan is home to many global players in mining: Nutrien, Mosaic, BHP, Cameco, Orano, and more. 

The Saskatoon branch works tirelessly to enrich the lives of students and professionals alike. Through the winter months, the branch hosts monthly technical events to educate members on innovations, developments, new opportunities, and trending topics. Proceeds from sponsorship and ticket sales are utilized to provide post-secondary scholarships to students. Each year, the branch distributes up to $30,000 to students. 

Though the pandemic was incredibly difficult on event attendance, the 2022-2023 technical event series has bounced back to greater than pre-pandemic attendance. While the provincial mining economy continues to swell, the Saskatoon Branch members continue to support the branch with their time, energy, and devotion in the face of constrained schedules. Members continue to support the technical events and help provide speakers with new, interesting, and relevant presentations, which enrich the local mining community. With the branch seeing such success, the next step is to grow our reach to continue to positively affect the lives of our stakeholders.